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Ink & Paint Mission Statement:

Founded to create custom, quality, artworks  under  strict deadlines. To meet and exceed clientele expectations while empowering and educating communities  through the importance of art and creativity in our everyday lives.

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ink  &  paint
Established in 2012

Drawing and painting has always brought me great joy. When people started requesting paintings and other artworks and I saw the same joy reciprocate, I decided to go all in and start a business all on my own. Ink and paint has always covered my hands and clothes being an artist, thus naming my business after this pigment and mastic made perfect sense and I was lucky it was available in the DBA database. Before becoming a professional artist, I have worked a job in almost every field, taking what I have learned and developing my own business with honesty in producing quality custom artworks in a customer service oriented fashion I have made great friends out of my customers.


 William SalasFine Arts Painter  and Craftsman Born: October 19th 1983.  Married to his high school sweetheart Karina, a loving father of 2 boys Nicholas and Andres. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation,  Art Institute of California, San Diego.  

Going Deep into the artlife

    Custom, Quality, Artworks.

 Ink & Paint  is an entrepreneurial extension of the professional artworks of William Salas. Dedicated to the creation of personal artwork on almost any surface with many desired mediums . Creating quality canvases of custom shapes and sizes. Painting various differences of styles and movements of fine art to suit a customers needs under constructive, deconstructive criticism and strict deadlines.

Before a painting always comes the drawing. I remember drawing before I can remember writing my own name.   At first I would copy and mimic paintings and artworks from various great artists. Leonardo Da Vinci was my favorite, I loved drawing his horses and grotesque faces. I can create a painting in the style or movement of another artist because of how I learned to paint. I now developed my own painting style and techniques through teachings from other artists and books I have read. This gives me an upper hand when completing a project because I can render the painting more to my clients needs. Creating a painting from a customer’s idea to finalized installation is like realizing a dream I never had.

I started making my own canvases when I could not find canvases in sizes that my customers requested. I also found that making my own canvas was more cost efficient than buying one.  I can construct a canvas in almost any size, saving my mural clientele on transportation, wall preparation and the heartbreak of painting over it or leaving a mural when it comes to relocating.

I found my canvases were better quality than any canvas I could buy. I could custom tailor the canvas texture thickness and tension for the project at hand. I am usually busy with live art shows and group shows, so my paintings take a beating and most of my early works needed re-stretching, or in worst cases, they tore with the slightest poke.

I noticed the lack of craftsmanship on the the store bought products. They use cheap particle board, or HDF Board as frames and cheap “prepared” canvas. I think if you are going to make art it should be considered art by all forms of craftsmanship.  I value the workmanship of a good frame a corner bridle joint, cross beams secured utilizing martise and tenon joints center secured with halved joints. All with a beveled 45 degree angle all around, so the wood does not leave its impression on the canvas. A strong frame put together by its own wood and a bit of glue. I found that nails, screws, and staples will show through the canvas in brush strokes.

I want the carpenter, the upholsterer, and the painter to acknowledge my craftsmanship and technique as works of art. Not only from my point of view as an artist but as a whole.  In this same manner of attention to detail I create all of my artworks in various mediums airbrush, enamel, acrylic, oil, ink and paint on almost all surfaces, a wall, car, surfboard, paper mache, skin, wood and canvas.                       

I decided to pursue this craft because it is the only thing I truly enjoy. It makes me happy that I can bring that same enjoyment, this happiness to others. I can paint for hours and forget to eat and sleep sometimes I have to remind myself to breath. I know I am not the best, and yet I am not the worst, but I never gave up painting and for that I give myself credit. I love seeing my customers faces when I deliver and install a painting, Its like they are being reunited with a loved one they never knew they missed.

I attend and perform live art at various farmers markets, nightclubs, and art shows , I can sense when someone is going to buy one of my paintings, You think they are looking at  you at first but they are looking at a different part of you, your painting. Then the sales man comes out. Being an artist is more than just being good at drawing and painting you have to be a people person and have fine tuned salesmanship qualities. When I sell a painting I have to sell the customer myself as an artist first because ultimately they are buying a piece of you, then the painting. I always put myself in my customers shoes.

When a customer is interested in a painting, that painting is only about 5% sold other things that raise that percentage is the artists professionalism,  the price, the time it will take, the whole process, deadlines, and finally the subject matter of the painting. I am pretty much selling a dream upon custom artworks. At the time the preliminary estimate is signed and materials are paid, neither the painting or the canvas exist in our realized material world. It begins with an Idea you have as a customer, an inspiration, a dream.

I spend my days here in San Diego, California, painting with my two kids. Nick is 8 years old, and Andy is 2 years old, they’re like ying and yang. Nick has always been a cool  kid but he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty, that will change. Andy is a fighter, like his dad, stubborn and loves to get messy and break things to know what makes them click.  When I’m not painting, selling paintings, making canvases or other artworks. I work on my 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang, my first car. I also train at Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy its my way of staying fit and still being involved in a form of art, the gentle art.  I have many hobbies I seldom have time to do: cycling, brewing, photography, and others I do even less. Before anything my passion was always art, now it is my job and that brings a smile to my face.

I met this wonderful girl Karina, ready to spend the rest of my life with her almost from that moment.  She is still my worst critic. “that painting is horrible!”, “What is that? I don’t get it” She says. “Be quiet you don’t know anything about art!” I reply, sometimes I quickly change the painting with her input. It’s good to have people tell you like it is, Because you as the painter will always love your work, Even when it is horrible. 

Picasso said “the artist is the child that survived” I see what he means when I Volunteer to teach children art. I show them his paintings and say ” you guys can do this right?!” they agree and some say they can do better. I see myself in them when I had that limitless blank piece of paper and a magic pencil. To them the whole world is a blank canvas with limitless possibilities where mistakes do not exist .Truly, this is why I paint

 TOO DEEP? the artlifiest of the artlifes?…

Everything in my life has led me to this avenue working in Ink & Paint possibly you have been led here and read my long splattered and stained story so I may create something for you? The universe has spoken and the stars are aligned let’s not waste destiny! Bring me your projects, your ideas and dreams. Let’s work towards a common goal! to make something beautiful in this world that will long surpass our meager human existence.  Let us move forward boldly and without remorse or falter onward to unpaved rivers and undreamed shores!

It all starts with a sketch. Contact me,






William Salas                (619)609-8592                  william@theinkandpaint.com



Custom, Quality, Artworks.